Dry Mouth Relief

Why Do I Wake Up With Dry Mouth? The reason why many people wake up with a dry mouth is not always clear. There are many different causes, including smoking, dehydration, and Alzheimer's disease. This article focuses on some of the most common causes of dry mouth. In addition to dehydration, some people also wake up with dry mouth due to other causes, such as alcohol, smoking, and methamphetamines. Here are some other common causes of dry mouth.  Click Here To Know More About Dry Mouth Relief Dehydration Many people wake up feeling dehydrated. They usually sleep for 8 to nine hours, but if you're drinking alcohol before bed, your body can get dehydrated in the early morning. Depending on the cause, your mouth can feel dry or even numb. If you regularly experience dry mouth in the morning, you should get medical attention right away. If your mouth is constantly dry, dehydration is a sign of other problems. The first symptom of dehydration is dry mouth. When you are dehydrated, y